The Story of Hollowhaven

Thunder Cats Ho!!!!

After having quite the interesting encounter with a baby brown dragon (which Sylas is interested in locating again), we came to the wonderfully vibrant and wooden town of Thundera. Getting directions from a nice man, we located the location of Lion-O’s Chapel.

Talking with Lion-O, we learned of the way to best Maelcor, The legendary Sword of Omens. Forged by the descendants of Angels(??), this sword, along with its sister sword, the Sword of Plun-Darr, grant immense power to the wielder. Unfortunately, Maelcor has the Sword of Plun-Darr, so our quest leads us to get the Sword of Omens to combat him. Lion-O knows that the cultists of Cthuhlu are close to finding the sword in the Arrakis desert.

During our time in Thundera, many of us pick up cute/fearsome animals coughpokemoncough. We set off with Lion-O accompanying us. Random fight against wolves.



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