The Story of Hollowhaven

Prison Break

As Edwams speech came to a close and questions were directed to him about the Returners the situations seriousness became apparent as we quickly dispatched two assasins. Agreeing to join and bringing the assasins in for questioning we recieve word of a possible informant, Seni located at the Purple Rooster. After finding him and agreeing to a brief battle of wits and some gold coins later, he informs us that there was a person who traveled with Malcor named Areneial, and that she was being held at Greybrook. Gaining momentum we then report back and begin plans to aquire a map of Greybrook from one of the guards. Meeting Ansten our morals get the better of us and we change plans to stealing a map off of a drunken guard. Making the treck to Greybrook on foot we come upon a child who has been seperated from his father and we make for his house to find out more. After dealing with a Will-o-wisp and returning him to his father we continue. We arrive late the next day at Greybrook and begin our infiltration of the place. Scaling up the tower and dealing with guards we arrive at a series of challenges. The first of which was dealt with easily and the second one was a well thats water would turn to stone whatever came in contact with it. After discovering a key and carefully submerging it we opend the final door to Areneial’s cell. Quickly using a cure light potion we bring her back to stable health and begin our escape. Distracting the guards we lower ourselvs down and put as much distance between Greybrook and us as possible before letting ourselvs relax and set camp.

Picking up again on March 16



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