The Story of Hollowhaven

First Time

The first session – and we will probably redo most of it because Flynn(Tyler) is the only one who really interacted with anything.
The players are in the city of Hollowhaven for various reasons.
The players find themselves in a large crowd watching a man give a speech about the evils that the tyrant Maelcor has committed since he came into power and even some of the evils before coming into power.
After the speech ended Flynn went up to the man, who we know find out is Edwam, a member of the Returners – a group dedicated to overthrowing Maelcor.
This is basically where the session ended, although Flynn did learn a little more information about Maelcor and the Returners. I would write down what Flynn found out, but none of the other characters were there to witness it.



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