The Story of Hollowhaven

Crazy people questing onward

Our group made it back to civilization, saving Areneial in the process. We learned from the female that to get to Maelcor, we needed to find a man named Filvendor, and he was last seen in the city of Bregrove. Heading out in that direction would take us decently close to another city, Fiore, where one of our group members, Flynn, had some personal issues to attend to. We grabbed supplies and headed out.

On the way to that city, we encountered a one eyed monster, which took a greataxe to my shoulder. We killed the beast, and I stole its weapon. A week’s journey and we made it to the Fiore, besides the cyclops, unharmed.

Some arguably stupid decisions in town, and a few good ones, ended up getting us the information we needed. Fiore was being controlled by a local gang called the Ogres. The leader of this group, a man by the name of James, was an acquaintance of Flynn’s past. We also learned that the town had an arena, being used by the ogres to execute parents of known rebels by making them fight each other to the death. We avoided telling Flynn this until we absolutely had to.

We went to the next arena fight, and I jumped into the arena butt naked screaming bloody murder with my new axe as a distraction so the rest of the group could take care of James, who was in the “rich people” box watching over the arena surrounded by guards.

I lost track of time, but I started tasting blood in my mouth from all the screaming before Maverick retrieved me and told me of what happened. I only partially paid attention, but it seems that another friend of Flynn, Durthan, was also present in the box, and he killed himself to solve the problems between Flynn, James, and the town. The Ogres were disbanded, and our group stood poised, ready to head out to Filvendor.

On a side note, my new friends seem to have some serious social and mental health issues I may need to address before continuing. Or not, I don’t really know how much help I could be. Oh well. My love for bread may have to be enough for now.



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