Welcome to the Hollowhaven Campaign

Hey everybody! Thanks for coming to the wiki for our campaign that we haven’t even played yet! Ha. It would be extremely amazing if you could include your character’s bio either on your character sheet or on your character’s page – even if you’ve sent me the background separately. This is a story, not a bunch of numbers being thrown at each other. :)

I would also like a write-up for whatever city you are from so that we can one day revisit those cities and perhaps do some questing in the city you are from.

I would also like it very much if you can tell me, in your bio, one thing that your character wants to accomplish during their lifetime. Be it a fierce evil creature that you want to rid the world of, or making the pilgrimage to your home village one last time. Put it in your bio.

This is a link to a map I’m going to be using. Sorry that I keep changing up the map, I am just happier with the newer ones I get. If you look, you will see several red and blue numbers on the map. The blue numbers signify different kingdoms in the world, while the red numbers signify the different cities in the world. If you mention a kingdom or a city in your background, send me a message asking to name one of the numbers because some people may want the same number.

If everyone could please bring a copy of their character sheet with them on Saturday that would be most excellent. I don’t want to print anything at my house – it wastes time. If you don’t have access to a printer, send me a pdf copy of your character sheet and I’ll print it. If you want me to do it I’ll need it sent before noon on Friday.

The Story of Hollowhaven

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